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How to maintain a window air conditioner?

Window air conditioners have relatively simpler mechanics than other types of air conditioners. They require less attention and maintenance as well. However, you can also boost its performance by following just simple and easy tips. When you clean your window air conditioner, it’s performance increases and consumes less energy. All you have to do with a window air conditioner is regularly clean it’s filter, while rest of the tasks can be done once in a year.

How to Maintain a Window air Conditioner?

How to Maintain a Window air Conditioner?

By following these simple tips, you can ensure a smooth window air conditioner performance. We suggest you, follow the methods as mentioned.

Clean the air conditioner filter.

By cleaning your filter the air will flow in an appropriate amount in the room. This is because of the cleaned filter, which is keeping a smooth pace of air exchange in the air conditioning system. To clean the filter you need to open the front panel, you can take the help of the instruction manual to open the front panel. When you’re able to take out the filter, you can vacuum it and then soak it in warm and soapy water. Before installing again rinse it off and let it dry completely. Clean this filter at least once a month.

Clean the fins.

There is a fin on the air conditioner, one is outside and the other one is inside facing you. Both these fins needed to clean as they easily get dirty. The air pass through these fins, which gets dirty over time, you can clean these fins using a soft bristle brush, running water and dishwashing detergent. So, uninstall the unit from the panel cover and take it out, you might need an extra help as the unit is quite heavy. Thus, make sure you have a tough guy around you before doing this. Now when you successfully make it outside with the unit, unscrew some of its covers and apply some of the detergents on the fins. Then, pour some water on the fins, you can use a soft bristle brush to clean the fins completely. Allow the unit to dry on its own.

Air Conditioner Fins

Air Conditioner Fins

Straighten the fins.

If you see that the fins are bent, you can straighten it with the help of a fin comb. A fin comb is a small comb-like thing, which can be bought from your local store. By using this you can straighten the fins of your air conditioner system. Remember, these fins are very delicate and sharp as well, use gloves while doing this.

Clean the fans and blower box.

While you’re cleaning the fins, make sure you’re cleaning the fans and blower box as well. Fans rotate at very high speed and constantly collide with anything which comes in its ways. Due to this, they get easily dirty and dust buildup makes the fan look muddy. Thoroughly clean the fan as well. After cleaning let the air conditioner system dry naturally and install it after drying. You’ll notice that the fan speed has been increased and cooling is also improved.

Call professionals.

The professional carpet cleaner is the best option for air conditioner maintenance and repair.  With years of experience, Tip Top Plumbing has made air conditioner maintenance and repair work easy. Our workers are well-versed with the job. This work is a bit technical any error can damage the air conditioner components also the electronic section is not waterproof and can malfunction if not cleaned carefully. We suggest our customers to avoid cleaning the air conditioner on their own rather rely on professionals for better handling of the air conditioner and hassle-free completion of the work.

Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner Repair


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